I lead the creation of email modules with an HTML and CSS common code base to maintain consistency from design into development, resulting in a 30% reduction in development time and a 50% reduction in QA time.
The modules were previously managed and maintained as a standalone package, including files for email developers and corresponding design files. To streamline production, we added the modules to an internal tool called Message Studio Library. Approximately 868 million emails sent to eBay customers used the template by October 2021.
Enhancements in 3.2 release
• Improved Accessibility: All modules follow the WCAG guidance and were approved by an accessibility specialist. This includes a wide range of accessibility – from those with visual impairments to those who rely on screen readers or the tab function for navigation.
• Enables Gmail promotion tab: Allows an additional preview showcasing the eBay logo and supporting image. Special offers, deals, coupon codes, or urgency messages can be included.​​​​​​​
• Support for dark mode
Additional benefits
•  Aligns with the eBay design system
•  Flexible modules free creative potential
•  Enables reusable content across campaigns
•  Easily localized per region
•  Efficiency and ease of development
•  Improved QA process and documentation
•  Mobile responsive with fluid design
•  Retina display optimized
•  Compatible with over 70 email clients on desktop, devices, and webmail

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