Disney's What Will You Celebrate?
I helped design a landing page for Disney's 2009 campaign titled What Will You Celebrate? Ivan Kandi was the lead designer while I was responsible for extending the look and feel into downloadable invitations, a video player, and flash interaction for expand and collapse preview tiles and the “pixie dust” coded animation for the slider navigation.
AMD Game!
I was responsible for updating the homepage graphics. I modified assets, provided by various game companies, into a billboard that extended beyond the frame to include the overflow creating a wallpaper effect.
Short for Performance Optimized Datacenter, this shipping container, either 20 or 40 feet long, was shipped with preconfigured racks, cabling, and equipment for power and cooling. I was responsible for designing the microsite to present the features and benefits of these modular data centers.
Cisco Live!
I created this as part of a pitch for the annual multi-day conference featuring the latest Cisco news, keynotes, in-depth technical sessions, and product demos. They aim to ignite creativity, deliver practical know-how, and accelerate the connections that fuel the digital future.
Palm Centro
One of the earliest projects I worked on at Design Reactor was for Palm. The Palm Centro released in October 2007, and we were responsible for the microsite highlighting the features.
This disc contained an exclusive screensaver and desktop wallpaper of ATI’s red-haired CGI character Ruby. It also included demo games for Call of Juarez, Stranglehold, and a game client for an online RPG; called Dungeon Runners. I selected images provided by the client for each screen and built an animated navigation in Flash.

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